Join us in our mission of educating kids and spreading awareness of the reality of global poverty and missions. 

This Resource Tool Kit is a month-long series of children's curriculum for kids ages four to ten years old. It is the perfect resource for churches, schools, and clubs to use when teaching kids about missions and global poverty.  

Not only is this kit an invaluable resource for teaching kids about significant and important topics such as equality, injustice, poverty, and missions, it's also FREE and downloadable from our website! 



Join us in bridging the gap between the "first world" and the "third world" by connecting kids across continents, countries, and cultures.

KIDZConnect connects kids in Canada with kids in one of our partner countries. Through this initiative, a Sunday school, grade school, or kids club class will be paired up with a class in another country. Once paired, both groups can send each other letters, pictures, and drawings, etc. 

This is the classic PenPal concept and provides kids with the opportunity to build relationships with other kids from a different culture and lifestyle than they are. 

KIDZConnect helps break the divide between the "first world" and "third world". Instead, kids can find common ground with new friends from around the world. 

Contact our ChildCare INTERNATIONAL office to get paired with another class today!